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When I go (or should I say ‘went’) to the casino during the day, or when I return late at night, I feel a little giddy, like I am doing something most people can’t do, and I sense that the primary benefit of playing ‘professionally’ would be the freedom of schedule.

Given my schedule lately, which involves trying to start up a toy company AND a video production company, while maintaining primary responsibility for my daughters, well, that freedom is really, really enticing.

Yet there are days like today, though filled with stress and exhaustion, that we hit some milestones (in this case submitting the final artwork for the products and the packaging) where there is a genuine rush of excitement and anticipation, and maintaining poker as a hobby seems the more attractive option.

I’m sure that will pass as soon as the problems with our submissions emerge…


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I decided to play another quick 3/5 NL morning session at Lucky Chances yesterday.  I had logical reasons for doing so.   Really.

Since my last entry here I’ve had two really good night sessions.  No carry-over.  I lost.

Again: I think I played well.  Most of the loss came on one hand: I only had about $200 in front of me, and elected to just call with AA in the SB behind one caller, who’d shown a tendency to go pretty far with pretty little.  Flop comes J 7 2 rainbow.  I check, BB bets, loose caller raises pretty big, I push, BB bitches and folds, loose caller hesitates and calls.   Turn is a blank, River is another J.

He looks at me sheepishly, waits for me to show, I do, and he slowrolls J 10.  Assmunch.

You could argue that I played the hand perfectly, that I got all my money in as a big favorite.  Alternatively, you could argue that I am lame.  Things were not going well, and just winning a few small pots wouldn’t have killed me.

Either way: as much as I subscribe to the theory that each hand is its own independent entity, there is no denying that sometimes things just continually don’t go your way.

In any case, it will likely be a while before I am playing in the day at LC.

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