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Watching the new season of High Stakes poker, great stuff, as usual.  Gabe Kaplan is the best, but the banter between he and AJ is missed, Kaplan is far better with the neophyte partner, and the genuine rancor between them was excellent.

Taking nothing away from Tom Dwan’s talent, its staggering how many free turns and rivers he gets to see, free cards received, obviously, because people are so afraid of what he might do.  Hard to bet into Durrrr with one pair.

What can one do?  Be as good as he is, I suppose.  And be a billionaire.


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A couple Wednesdays ago I took advantage of a meeting finishing early and a nanny at home and went to Lucky Chances during the day.



This time for no other reason than my ridiculously poor play.  First time in a while I’ve been a genuine fish at the table.  U-G-L-Y.

Which keeps the tally going: this year I don’t think I’ve had a losing session at night, nor a winning daytime quickie session.  Hmmmmmm.  It HAS to be the time issue, I just can’t pinpoint why.

So this past Friday I found something much less damaging to the wallet than daytime poker: bringing my girls to Chuck E Cheese.

My one-year old daughter, God bless her, is twice the handful her older sister, now four, ever was.  Always moving.  Always poking and prodding.  Always curious.  Always putting her hands where they don’t belong.  And then always putting them in her mouth.  And never giving you five minutes to breathe.

Well, that’s the norm.  After a challenging 30 minutes playing games and trying to keep them both happy, we headed for the bathroom.  Older sister went first, all smooth.  Except for the fact that she is starting to protest having to use the boys bathroom.

Then it was time for the baby’s diaper.

I had two diapers left in the bag.  I’m prepared like a good mom should be.  She had lots of pee pee, but no poop.  So I start to change the diaper, and the new one rips.  OK, no problem.  I put on the second one.  And then I go to do my own business.  During which time I see her straining.  Sure enough…poopy.  And no diapers.

Afte muttering a few words my daughters shouldn’t hear I figure there may be an emergency set in the car.  However, while I am helping the older one wash her hands, the baby runs over and tries to dunk her hand in the pee-filled urinal.  Not sure she made it.  Scrubbed the hands with anti-bac anyway.  Scary, because her new favorite way to consume water is to dunk her hands in the cup and drink the water off of them.

Anyhow, eventually we make it to the car, find the diapers, put her down in the back and change her.  And it’s a big, sticky poop.

And I then I run out of wipes before I am done.  And she is kicking and laughing the whole time.

And I realized it felt a lot like playing poker during the day recently.

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