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Same as the last time I played a day session; despite being having lots on the plate, there wasn’t all that much ‘work’ to do today, so I took advantage of the nanny’s presence in the afternoon to get a few hours of 3-5 no limit in at Lucky Chances.

And won during the day for the first time this year.

Funny thing: although it was a meaningless short session at lower stakes, there are always a couple thematic observations that I can make about my play.  Two today:

I was losing and the cards were very cold for the majority of the session.  Not playing many hands; the only significant pot I got involved in was playing J5 suited (limped on the button), flopping top and bottom on a board without too many obvious draws, making a big raise to a bet and a call, and then folding to an all in, despite the fact that my remaining stack was about 1/3 the pot.  He wasn’t the type to lie, he said he would should show, and he did, top and middle.  Too nice.

The key hand, if not the biggest, was picking up KK in the SB with only about $160 left.  There was a limp and a call, then a raise to $40 from the cutoff.  I could have gotten cute, and I think historically I would more often than not, called the raiser (or re-raised to about $100 if I had more in front of me), trying to milk as much as I could out of the pot (and praying to avoid an A on the flop).  Here I quickly pushed, and took down a small pot.  But the key is that I took down the pot, and I won for the rest of the session, becoming feared in the process.  Maybe one shouldn’t screw around when one is bleeding.

The second theme: I called a late raise in MP with KJ later on (was feeling frisky).  Flop came K something something.  I don’t remember exactly what which is sort of key to the story.  I checked, the raiser bet…and I called (as did a really weak player behind).  He was clearly miffed by the call.  On the turn (again I don’t remember exactly what it was) I checked, trying to look like I would CR.  Raiser checked behind. So did the Weak Player.  River comes, and at that point I’m not even paying attention.  I get the sense that $100 would get both of them to fold, and it did.

As it turns out, the river completed some obvious straight draws, and my turn check followed by river bet made it look like I hit (according to the raiser).  But I wasn’t nearly that analytical on this hand.  I just felt like they would fold.  Not sure if that is a good thing or not.

Hopefully my wife will be in a good mood when she stops by this site and learns what I did today…


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Haven’t played in weeks.  I think I need the brain exercise.  I haven’t spoken with my wife all day today, all over a little spat in the morning.  I think that had I known I was going to play tonight, I’d have been motivated to end the spat earlier, keep her happy.

I also think we both need a Vegas trip.

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