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If a hand is played at Lucky Chances in the mid stakes no limit games, the minimum drop is four dollars.

A hand being played means that everybody folds to the SB and the BB checks.  In 3/5 that equals 10 bucks in the pot.  Even if there is no more betting the entire hand, the casino rakes four bucks from that 10.

Because they are also running all kinds of jackpot promos, they take another two, no matter what.  The net result: occasionally the casino will take SIXTY PERCENT of the pot.

I could argue its not that bad.  One of the promotions is “rack attack,” where a table is drawn every half hour during certain intervals, and the table then plays limit with the winner winning a rack of chips ($500) in our case.  I’ve actually hit that twice, which is far more than my share given the number of hours I have played.

Nonetheless, I have to be opposed to any situation that allows the casino to take 60% from a pot, even if its rare.

I hit the rack attack the other night, and then won another huge pot when my AA held up against two all ins.  That was a good night.  But three of my last four  sessions have been poor, very poor.  To much other crap going on to focus.  Too many hands played, too much passivity.  Maybe need a break.


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Played Friday night.  First time in a while.  Slow session, until…

Hyper-aggro (but decent) Asian player raises in EP, I call with 99 in the hijack, button calls, blinds fold.  I’ve got about $550 in front of me, and I am the effective stack.  Flop comes A 8 7 rainbow.  Hyper Aggro continues for $75.  I call.  Why?  I’m just not folding in that spot most of the time.  So there.  Button, a quiet passive Asian player, calls behind.  Hmmmmmm.

Turn is a magical 9.    Hyper Aggro continues again, $200.  I push my remaining stack.  Button calls.  Huh?  Hyper Aggro puts button all in.  Uh-oh.  AA, I think.  Button calls.

Hyper Aggro turns over…5 6 OFFSUIT.  Oops.  Button flashes 88.  I mutter “pair the board” but don’t show anybody.  Board doesn’t pair.  Hyper takes a big pot with his lame 5 6 offsuit.

So here’s the thing: OK, he made a play with 56, OK, and he hit it, OK.

But he hits it against TWO monsters!  I swear I am never that lucky.  Whaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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