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Last Friday, for the first time in a looooooong time, I was an emotional wreck.  A number of things happened during the week.  Found out a family member is seriously ill (something I am willfully not thinking about too much).  Crazy business issues, major headaches.  Personal finance crap. And the one that for whatever reason drew the biggest emotion (probably because it became a conduit for everything else) : the decision to move my just-started Kindergarten daughter from one really good school to another (hopefully really-good school that features bi-lingual instruction).  I’d become REALLY attached to the first, and while my daughter, who has me completely and utterly wrapped around her finger, has adjusted beautifully and is remarkably retrospective about her time in the first school, I am still quite torn about the decision and a big part of me wishes we’d stayed put.

So I am sitting there feeling like I am about to lose it, and I decide it would be a good time to go play cards.  The justification: see if I can focus even under “duress.”

Was talked out of it by the missus (ostensibly because she saw it was a bad idea, realistically because she had plans with her friends).  Probably a good thing.


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This will be my first write as I play post. Written on the fly as I play on a five year old blackberry. Forgive the spelling and grammar.

Unfortunately, as I start I am already down 2/3 of my initial $300 buy in. So be it.

First Hand: AcJc on the BB. Raise in middle position. I don’t know what it means, and its the first hand. I fold. +1.

About 6 hands later: I bluff on the river holding 5 8 on a J 9 4 4 4 board. Get called by the live one with A high. Were I properly rolled this would be ok. Alas I am not. -1

Raise to $20 in MP with AJ. Small blind, the live one, makes it $120. Early position smooth calls. Easy fold. As it turns out, the SB had AJ as well, the smooth caller KK. AJ wins with a flush with the 4th heart on the river. +1

Call small bets down with moderate hands on subsequent hands. Lose both times. Down to 110. Deciding when to add on. -2

Must move game…and its moving too fast. Things I am learning are useless as the players switch games quickly.

Get all in with AsQs on the SB in a pot with a small raise and several callers. One caller to me. Board is 10 10 9 9 5. My A high is good. Not sure what he had, probably KQ or something. Back to 300. +0

Make it 260.

Raise with AQ pre flop, check and fold to a small bet on a 2 3 6 rainbow flop. Very, very weak, and endemic of my bankroll. -1

Now short handed. Flop a straight with 5s9s on 678 board. Check call flop, check raise all in on turn. Bettor thinks and folds. Shucks. +1

BUST! Get all in on a straight draw. Mathematically correct, and played to maximize win if I hit (2 players with me). But, alas, can’t afford it. 0

Rebuy for 200. Need to be tight.

And there I go playing 7c9c and calling/folding with the draw. Jesus fucking Christ, dickhead, what is the matter with you? -2

Moved to next table. I think I am going to quit this, its not helping.

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