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Granted she turns two next month, and its probably a little early to tell, but there are signs.  Both of my daughters are smart.  The younger one seems to have a knack for memory and pattern recognition.

Case in point: I’ve become a Starbucks addict, and she’s often with me when go out of my way to get my fix.  So now, anytime she spots the Starbucks logo, at a store, in a magazine, big, small, she says “Papa Coffee.”

A couple weeks ago I needed a coffee and didn’t want to get out of the car, so drove through McDonalds.    Yesterday we’re driving past a completely different McDonalds, and out of nowhere I hear her say ‘Different Coffee!”

One of those stories that is far more interesting to the parents than to the legions of people that read this, I realize.

About two months without playing now.   Have some Lucky Chances chips in the kitchen.  Starting shuffling them earlier today.  And starting getting some real playing pangs.  Thinking about tournaments…


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