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What a rut.

I am in Las Vegas, which is good.

I just tried to kill a few hours at the Caesar’s 1-2 NL game, which was bad.

Poker player whine time: this feels old, even though I am not playing much lately.  My sets get drawn out on, my draws don’t hit.

Which isn’t to say it isn’t true.  In my little session downstairs I don’t think I made a single significantly bad read or technical error.  Yet I lost.  And while luck is no doubt playing a huge factor, I don’t feel like my sets will hold, like my draws will hit.  And this must be translating into suboptimal play.  I’m simply incapable of pushing the table around at the moment.

Plan is to attack the Bellagio 2-5 tonight.  I will have to buy in short, with only a partial buy behind.  Meaning I will need to get lucky to have a nice evening.

I suppose its bound to happen eventually…


It DID happen, I did push the table around, two excellent Bellagio sessions , and because I am winning at poker I am feeling much better about myself as a human being.


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Flew to Boston this weekend to see my new nephew and for some sales meetings (the ostensible reason for the trip).  Why does it feel so wrong to be writing about having to go to sales meetings in a poker blog?  Times have changed.


Took the redeye on Virgin, which is offering free wifi in December.  Laptop in hand, I ignored my moratorium and deposited a hundred bucks to play 1/2 NL.

And what happens?

You guessed it!

I go nearly bust early on, when, having found the bad players, I get all in with one of them, and he hits a three-outer.

But then I grind, and end up making about $80 on the flight over, and another $40 on the way back.

High stakes!

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