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Every now and then you run into the player who knows (or at least thinks he knows) all the pot odds for every conceivable poker situation.  During every hand he calculates his own odds (out loud),  after each hand he lets everyone know what the match up was (“that was a 53/47!”).  He is most vocal when he loses a pot, and chides his opponent for making some kind of ridiculous play not justified by the math.  A lot of these guys come from the east coast, makes for interesting times when they get matched up with crazy Asians out here with whom they have little experience.

One thing about this guy: inevitably he gets exposed for making dumb plays himself, and when this happens and he gets lucky he will say the following, verbatim:  “oh, well, nice that I can suck out every now and then too!”  And then he goes right back to complaining about other people.

Another thing about this guy: when he does expose himself as a donkey and gets lucky, inevitably its me on the receiving end.


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