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I’ve dabbled a bit over the past few months.  Started in Vegas at some sales meetings in December; took a little money with me, went on a good run in 1-2.  Figured maybe I could sustain it just playing small for a while, get my occasional fix in.

Trouble is: doesn’t work like that, even at low stakes.  Take the last couple sessions: which involved just enough in my pocket for two buy ins at lower stakes tables (1-2 or 3-5).  Its the same every time.  Or so it feels when I lose.

I play way conservatively for the first hour or two.  After all, I don’t want to risk going bust and having to leave after a few minutes.  How embarrassing!  So I pass on spots where aggression would be the natural play.  And not just giving up on draws that have the odds.  One recent hand stands out: I’ve got 10 10 at a shorthanded 3-5 table, about $300 in front of me.  EP, a solid player but one who is visibly steaming from a recent loss and has about the same amount of money on the table as I do, raises pre-flop.  I call, knowing he’ll be aggressive on the flop no matter what, and figuring I’ll move if the flop is good.

And it is! And he is! 9, 3, 2 rainbow or something like that.  And he bets out as predicted, only he way overbets the flop, and then I start thinking he’s trying to look weak and he’s actually got a big pair, and, more importantly, I don’t want to bust out now, and I (unforgivably) give up my 10s.

Waiting for a better spot!

Problem is: the better spot doesn’t always come.  And unless you are a zen master your fingers start to get itchy.  So an hour later I call that raised pot with KQ offsuit on the BB (which is a bad play).  And flop comes three of the King Suit, so I CRAI (which is not a bad play), AND I hit a K on the turn, but not the flush, and get slowrolled by a set.

So then I buy in for my last $200, and quickly call a very solid woman’s raise with AJ suited (not terrible but not great), and the flop is J 7 5 or something like that, and she bets out as she would with anything, and I raise and commit (as I have to do once I play the hand in the first place), and she has QQ and I go home.  Two not-terrible plays and I am done!

Lately I feel like a pretty decent carpenter who is burdened by the fact that he doesn’t have any nails.


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