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As I write this I find myself in poker purgatory.  Specifically, I’m not playing poker, haven’t played for several months, and I’m not sure when I will start playing again.

Great time to start a poker blog!

Thing is: I still think about it every day.  I’m hoping a blog will a.) be a therapeutic way to channel these thoughts and b.) help keep me focused and honest when I do start playing again.  At the moment I figure I’ll write about past hands and sessions, as well as how poker thought has changed the way I approach problems and situations in general.  Or maybe I’ll just complain about random stuff.

Who I am: I started playing fairly seriously in 2005.   I play primarily live games (I’ve dabbled online but never really got over the hump.  Online players will tell you live games are easier.  More specifically: they’ll tell you that live games are for donkeys.  They may be correct, but I find live poker more interesting.  Plus, playing more than one game at a time, as most serious online players do, tends to make my brain hurt).  Living in San Francisco, playing live limits my options to a few casinos, especially for higher stakes no limit games.  I play primarily at Lucky Chances, in my opinion the best casino in the area by a long shot.  Among its advantages: you generally don’t have to worry about getting mugged when you leave the casino.  Knock on wood.

I started playing 3/6 limit, and by 2007 was playing the 10/10/20 no limit (equates to about 25/50 with the little twists they throw in).  I read a lot of books in between.  By the time I stopped playing earlier this year I’d dropped down to 5/10 (this is Northern California, there really isn’t anything in between).  I figure I’ll write about coming back down at some point.

The one theme that remained constant during this period: from 3/6 limit to high stakes no limit, over an extended period of time I always seemed to (you guessed it) break even.  And I think I understand why (and the fact that the poker gods are constantly against me is only part of the reason).  I feel like I have the tools to do better, and when the stars align perhaps I will dive in head first once again.



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