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Back in the higher stakes days my hunches and reads tended to be pretty good. Actually following through on these hunches and reads was another story.

A little hand in Reno a few weeks ago demonstrated that old habits die hard. I was playing 1-2 at El Dorado – the first public cardroom I ever played poker in. A small game – but so good that its likely worth more than an average 2-5.

The hand: effective stacks are about $300. I have 10 10 in MP and three bet an early raise. Boisterous but amicable BB calls, as does the early raiser.

Flop comes 7 4 3 rainbow. BB snap leads, EP folds, I raise, BB instantly moves in for his last 200 or so. I am generally quiet while playing, but here I am talking. I think about the hand, publicly announce I believe he has 99 but I am not sure I will call. In the back of my mind I am thinking small chance JJ, but he likely would have been more aggressive preflop. So I tank, all the while talking about his 99.

Eventually I decide its not a serious game, and state I will fold hoping he shows his 99. I do, and he does.

Table is freaked out by the read. I had been winning to start, and this sort of confirmed what a great player I was.

Thing is: what it really confirmed is how bad I can be. A real player would have called.


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